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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Grinnell Fire Station

Grinnell awarded funds for improvements to fire station

The Kansas Department of Commerce has awarded the City of Grinnell $142,621 in KAN STEP funding to help make improvements to the existing city/rural fire department.

The existing fire station does not have adequate space to accommodate the increasing volunteer staff, nor does it have adequate training/education facilities for the volunteers. With KAN STEP assistance, the fire department plans to remodel rooms of the existing building for meeting and training facilities, as well as add a 66' x 56' pre-engineered metal building for three new fire bays. The total cost of the proposed project is $237,854, with includes $95,233 in volunteer labor and the KAN STEP grant of $142,621.

The architect for Grinnell's project is Donnie Marrs of DMA Architects, Salina. Grant administration will be by Michele Kippes. Sparkplug for the project is Jackie Teeter. Kansas Rural Water will provide project inspection and technical assistance to the volunteers.

KAN STEP is a self-help program that enables small communities to make major infrastructure improvements. Local people volunteer labor and services, while the Kansas Department of Commerce provides funding for materials and technical services. An acronym for Kansas Small Towns Environment Program, KAN STEP gives small Kansas communities an opportunity to do projects they couldn't otherwise afford. The funding is provided through the federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.

Grinnell Fire Station