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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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KAN STEP Community Development Program

Sponsored by the Kansas Department of Commerce, KAN STEP is designed to help communities with an acknowledged community improvement problem. A minimum of 40 percent savings of typical "retail costs" must be shown through this self-help process. Types of facilities that qualify include improvements to water or sewer systems and buildings. Examples of eligible buildings includes senior centers, community buildings, and fire stations. The program is designed to benefit low- and moderate-income persons. The Kansas Rural Water Association provides inspection services and technical assistance to the KAN STEP program. The Kansas Department of Commerce discontinued the KAN STEP Program in 2017.

List of Projects

Agra Water System   09-2006

Altoona Fire Station   07-2010

Anderson Co. Fire Station at Colony   12-2011

Auburn Civic Center   06-2007

Axtell Fire Station   05-2004

Belvue Fire Station   06-2006

Bentley Senior Center   09-2009

Bern Community Building   09-2005

Bern Fire Station (Nemaha Co. FD 4)   Pending

Bunker Hill Community Center   11-2006

Burns Community Center   07-2003

Caney Fire Station   07-2012

Carbondale Community Building   10-2005

Cherryvale Community Building   08-2014

Corning Community Center   02-2009

Corning Fire Station (Nemaha FD No.1)   02-2016

Corning Water System   09-2004

Culver Water Project   07-2006

Damar Community Center   01-2011

Dickinson Co. Fire Station, Woodbine   09-2010

Downs Fire Station   03-2006

Ellis Cons. RWD 1 near Antonino   09-2013

Emmett Water System   07-2003

Enterprise Fire Station/Library   11-2007

Enterprise Water Project   02-2016

Enterprise Water System   09-2003

Formoso Fire Station   07-2003

Glasco Fire Station   10-2008

Goff Community Center   09-2003

Greenleaf Water System   05-2011

Greenwood County RWD 1   11-2007

Grinnell Fire Station   11-2006

Hanover Community Center   09-2009

Hartford Community Building   06-2006

Highland Fire Station   09-2009

Horton Community Center   04-2010

Hunter Community Center   09-2009

Jamestown Water Project   08-2016

Jewell Co. Fire Station at Esbon   06-2013

Junction City Recreation Complex   08-2007

Labette County Fire Station   02-2010

Lincolnville Community Center   06-2006

Lucas Theatre Addition   07-2007

Mankato Fire Station   07-2012

McFarland Fire Station   09-2003

Melvern Community Center   07-2003

Miltonvale Emergency Services Building   05-2011

Mitchell County Fire Station in Asherville   03-2007

Mitchell County Fire Station in Scottsville   09-2011

Montgomery County RWD 12   08-2014

Morrill Fire Station / Comm Building   03-2007

Morris County Community Center   07-2003

Morrowville Water Project   07-2013

Navarre 4-H / Community Center   Pending

Nemaha RWD 1   11-2001

Onaga Senior Center   10-2005

Osage 6 RWD Office & Shop   04-2016

Pleasanton Community Center   06-2016

Pratt County Fire Station in Sawyer   07-2013

Rawlins County Fire Station   08-2004

Reno County Fire Station   12-2009

Rice County Arena Addition   04-2008

Riley Library & Food Basket   11-2013

Russell County Fire Station   12-2002

Saline County Fire Station   06-2005

Selden Community Building   10-2006

St. Francis Fire Station   04-2008

St. Paul Fire Station   06-2008

Sterling Community Center   01-2012

Tescott Fire Station   04-2003

Tipton Community Building   02-2007

Troy Library   Pending

Turon Water Project   05-2016

Udall Community Building   07-2013

Uniontown Fire Station   06-2008

Washington Fire Station   04-2005

West Mineral Fire Station   07-2013

Westmoreland Fire Station   10-2007

White City Firehouse   11-2006

Whiting Community Center   04-2005

Winona Fire Station   11-2007

Woodson County Fire Station   02-2011

As of November 1, 2016, the KAN STEP program had funded 87 projects that would have retail costs totaling $39,323,113. Volunteers will donate $17,240,135 for a cost reduction of 43.8% of retail cost. The Fire Station at Bern, Kansas was the last project to be funded as the Kansas Department of Commerce has chosen to discontinue the program. 

Projects No. of Projects CDBG Grants Volunteer Labor Total Project
Waterlines 17 $ 3,715,664 $ 2,807,546 $ 6,523,227
Community Centers 26 $ 6,581,837 $ 4,828,028 $ 11,409,891
Fire Stations 36 $ 9,386,855 $ 7,801,172 $ 17,188,063
Misc. Buildings 8 $ 2,398,535 $1,803,389 $4,201,932
Total 87 $22,082,891 $ 17,240,135 $ 39,323,113



KAN STEP is a highly successful program that has helped numerous communities across the state. From McDonald to Whiting to Burns and Enterprise, local volunteers proved that working together pays off -- saving money and building community pride and facilities. The Kansas Department of Commerce terminated the program in 2017. The Fire Station at Bern, Kansas is the last facility to be funded through the program.